Boehmeria macrophylla

Family Urticaceae
Scientific name Boehmeria macrophylla Hornemann
Synonyms Boehmeria erythropoda Miquel; Boehmeria macrophylla Hornemann var. dongtouensis W. T. Wang; Boehmeria platyphylla Buchanan-Hamilton ex D. Don; Boehmeria platyphylla Buchanan-Hamilton ex D. Don var. macrostachya (Wight) Weddell; Splitgerbera macrostachya Wight; Urtica gracilis Aiton var. latifolia Farwell; Urtica dioica L. subsp. dioica Buchanan-Hamilton ex D. Don; Urtica dioica L. subsp. eudioica Selander; Urtica dioica L. subsp. hispida (de Candolle) Nyman, non J. Chrtek; Urtica dioica L. subsp. platyphylla (Weddell) Domin; Urtica dioica L. subsp. platyphylla (Weddell) P. Medvedev; Urtica dioica L. var. hispida (de Candolle) Grenier; Urtica dioica L. var. vulgaris Weddell; Urtica gracilis Aiton; Urtica hispidula Cariot; Urtica javalambrensis Pau; Urtica nebrodensis Gasparrini; Urtica major Kanitz; Urtica platyphylla Weddell et al., non Buchanan-Hamilton ex D. Don; Urtica takedane Ohwi; Urtica tibetica W. T. Wang
Common name (Japanese common name) ezo irakusa (エゾイラクサ, 蝦夷刺草 [meaningu: Ezo stinging weed (Ezo = an old name of Hokkaido)]), seiyou irakusa (セイヨウイラクサ, 西洋刺草 [meaing: European stinging weed])
(English common name) stinging nettle
Habitat Riverside, swamp
Distribution (Japan) Hokkaido, Honshu (East of Kinki region), Shikoku
(Other nations) Russia, China, Laos, Thailand, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Bhutan, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afganistan, Caucasus, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey, Europe, Algeria, Libya, Morocco, TunisiaCanada, USA, Mexico
Chromosomal number n=26, 2n=52
Description Plants 30-50cm tall. Leaves 8-16cm long. Flowers flowering in July to September. Perennial plants.
Reference Boehmeria macrophylla Hornem.
Boehmeria macrophylla Hornemann
Urtica dioica L.
Urtica dioica Linnaeus
Urtica dioica L. ssp. dioica
Urtica dioica L.
Urtica platyphylla
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June 2008
at Hokkaido University
Botanical Garden
June 2008
at Hokkaido University
Botanical Garden
June 2008
at Hokkaido University
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June 2008
at Hokkaido University
Botanical Garden