Angelica keiskei

Family Apiaceae (alt. Umbelliferae)
Scientific name Angelica keiskei (Miquel) Koidzumi
Synonyms Archangelica keiskei Miquel; Angelica utilis Makino
Common name (Japanese common name) ashita-ba (アシタバ, 明日葉 [meaning: tomorrow leaves])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (only in coastal area of Miura Peninsular, Izu Peninslar and Kii peninsular), Izu Islands
(Other nations) none
Habitat Beach
Chromosomal number unknown
Description Plants electing 80-120cm tall, non hair. Leaves waxy. Flowers pale yellow, flowering in May to October. Fruits 6-12mm long. Perennial plants.
Reference Angelica keiskei (Miq.) Koidz.
Agents for preventing the formation of gray hairs (US Patent 4978525/1990)
Antioxidation active substance and utilization thereof (US Patent 5338838/1994)
Powders of plant green juice and process for their production (US Patent 5445839/1995)
Process of making a plant extract (US Patent 5876773/1999)
Plant extract (US Patent 6022573/2000)
Sustained release hair growth composition (US Patent 6255313/2001)
Cosmetic composition (US Patent 6348200/2002)
Mixed fine powder for beverage containing young barley leaves, alfalfa and/or kale (US Patent 6416807/2002)
Anti-inflammatory analgesic (US Patent 6447817/2002)
Cosmetics (US Patent 6497889/2002)
Cosmetic composition containing a distillate of a green plant juice and a process for preparing the same (US Patent 6616937/2003)
Skin-beautifying agent, anti-aging agent for the skin, whitening agent and external agent for the skin (US Patent 6682763/2004)
Composition having antihepatitic activity (US Patent 6720010/2004)
Additive for hair growing agent and hair growing agent composition (US Patent 6740318/2004)
Cystine derivative and agent for suppressing activation of inflammatory factors (US Patent 6914075/2005)
Cosmetic composition comprising a phosphoric triester and a skin activating component (US Patent 6932975/2005)
Composition having anticancer activity (US Patent 6936284/2005)
Streptococcus equisimilis hyaluronan synthase gene and expression thereof in Bacillus subtilis (US Patent 7029880/2006)
Method of producing processed food (US Patent 7045161/2006)
Patch (US Patent 7064242/2006)
Enhancing agent for nerve growth factor production comprising a compound having a coumarin backbone or a compound having a 2-dimethyl chroman backbone (US Patent 7078386/2006)
Hyaluronan synthase genes and expression thereof in Bacillus hosts (US Patent 7091008/2006)
Hyaluronan synthases and methods of making and using same (US Patent 7094581/2006)
Targeted glycosaminoglycan polymers by polymer grafting and methods of making and using same (US Patent 7223571/2007)
Remedies (US Patent 7268160/2007)
Compositions containing sucralose and application thereof (US Patent 7229658/2007)
α-Isomaltosylglucosaccharide synthase, process for producing the same and use thereof (US Patent 7241606/2007)
Reduction inhibitory agent for active-oxygen eliminating activity (US Patent 7186824/2007)
Sugar derivative (US Patent 7375095/2008)
Chalcone compound (US Patent 7361774/2008)
Composition comprising dried whole egg for treating hepatitis (European Patent EP1312370/2004)
Note Endemic to Japan
Angelica keiskei (Miquel) Koidzumi is not a synonym of Angelica sinensis Diels. Original native location of Angelica keiskei (Miquel) Koidzumi is thought to be Hachijo Island in Izu Islands of Japan. Some Chinese and Korean authors might misidentify these different species. Therefore, for instance, any bio patents of Angelica keiskei based on such misunderstanding (confusion with Angelica sinensis Diels) is not valid and can not cover Angelica keiskei (Miquel) Koidzumi of Japan.

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Comparison with Angelica acutiloba

Left: Angelica acutiloba
Right Angelica keisukei

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