Malaxis hahajimensis

Family Orchidaceae
Subfamily Epidendroideae
Tribe Malaxideae
Scientific name Malaxis hahajimensis S. Kobayashi
Synonyms none
Common name (Japanese common name) hahajima-hozaki-ran (ハハジマホザキラン, 母島穂咲蘭 [meaming: Hahajima Island head blooming orchid])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Ogasawara Islands (Hahajima Island)
(Other nations) none
Habitat Wet rocks
Chromosomal number 2n=36
Description Bulbs ca. 2-3cm long. Leaves ca. 10-20cm long. Scapes 20-30cm tall including inflorescences. Flowers dark purple, flowering in July to August. Terrestrial. Perennial plants.
Reference Malaxis hahajimensis S. Kobay.
Phylogenetic Relationship and Inter-island Genetic Variation in Malaxis (Orchidaceae), Endemic to the Bonin Islands
Note Rare species. Endemic to Japan.

July 2009
Koishikawa Botanical Garden
July 2009
Koishikawa Botanical Garden