Crepidiastrum platyphyllum

Family Asteraceae (alt. Compositae)
Scientific name Crepidiastrum platyphyllum (Franchet & Savatier) Kitamura
Synonyms Crepis integra Miquel var. platyphylla Franchet & Savatier; Crepis lanceolata (Houttuyn) Schultz-Bipontinus var. plathyphylla (Franchet & Savatier) Makino; Crepidiastrum lanceolatum (Houttuyn) Nakai var. platyphyllum (Franchet & Savatier) Nakai; Ixeris lanceolata (Houttuyn) Stebbins subsp. platyphylla Stebbins; Lactuca platyphylla (Franchet & Savatier) Makino
Common name (Japanese common name) wadan (ワダン [meaning of wadan is unknown])
(English common name) none
Distribution (Japan) Honshu (Chiba Prefecture, Kanagawa Prefecture, Shizuoka Prefecture, Izu Islands)
(Other nations) none
Habitat Seaside rocks
Chromosomal number 2n=10
Description Plants ca. 10-30cm tall. Leaves 8-15cm long. Flowers yellow ca. 5mm across, flowering in July to November. Perennial plants.
Reference Crepidiastrum platyphyllum Tuyama
Phylogenetic and Biogeographic Study of Crepidiastrum platyphyllum (Compositae) in the Coastal Area of the Sagami Sea, Japan
A chromosomal comparison of three species of Crepidiastrum, section Suffruticosae(Asteraceae) by fluorescent in situ hybridization using ribosomal DNA probe
Plant germination inhibitor and method of use thereof (European Patent Application EP1736053/2006)
Health food and method for producing the same (Japanese Patent JP2007151431)
Note Native to Japan.

November 2009
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden
November 2009
at Tsukuba Botanical Garden